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Esprit Edouard Absinthe Superieure 750ml
Sku: 2010398
Jade Liqueurs’ Esprit Edouard® Absinthe Superieure represents the first absinthe released by Jade that was painstakingly reverse engineered from sealed antique bottles of the original ...more
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Country: France
Reg. $116.99
On Sale $101.39
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Appearance - Deep herbal green with a hint of gold Taste - Bold vintage flavor profile of Swiss Absinthe, Andalusian Anise, Fennel of Gard, and powerfully distinct herbaceous coloration notes that deliver a long, clean finish.

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Jade Liqueurs’ Esprit Edouard® Absinthe Superieure represents the first absinthe released by Jade that was painstakingly reverse engineered from sealed antique bottles of the original spirit. The story of Esprit Edouard® Absinthe Superieure is rooted in the late 19th century, at the time when one of the world’s most prestigious absinthe distilleries was at the zenith of its existence. This distillery crafted products that were the subject of widespread acclaim and international export. At the time of the ban, this distillery had earned the distinction as one of the largest absinthe producers, and was considered by many absinthe connoisseurs to be one of the finest marques. Almost a century later, perfectly preserved bottles of this pre-ban absinthe have yielded the secrets of this famed producer, and remain an indellible part of Jade’s antique collection. The exquisite taste of this antique absinthe is incredibly smooth and delicious. Not since the original French and Swiss bans has the world seen a French absinthe that boasts the quality of this particular original brand. Almost a century later, Jade Liqueurs® is proud to present Esprit Edouard® Absinthe Superieure. Esprit Edouard® is a fabulously faithful reproduction of the famous pre-ban 72° absinthe that was highly regarded during the Belle Époque. Esprit Edouard® is absolutely correct to the original, from its delicate tint, to its refined texture and delightfully aromatic finish. Esprit Edouard® Absinthe Superieure offers the connoisseur the genuine Belle Époque absinthe experience, and makes an impressively prestigious addition to any collection of fine spirits. We invite you to experience the unrivalled quality, tradition, and mystique that only Esprit Edouard® can deliver.
Technical notes
Composition - French eau de vie pot distilled and infused with whole botanicals and rested for an average of 3 years before bottling

Jade Liqueurs® was founded in 2000 by T.A. Breaux, a professional scientist who has dedicated almost two decades of research toward resolving the mysteries and myths associated with absinthe. A relentless quest for the unadulterated truth has taken him across the globe in search of obscure, overlooked, and forgotten information that documents this often maligned subject. Jade Liqueurs® was established for the sole purpose of offering the connoisseur the opportunity to experience unequivocal recreations of the classic absinthes that fueled the creative fires of the Belle Époque. Whereas the recent absinthe renaissance has spawned a rash of inferior, industrially prepared, chemically dyed ’absinthes’ that are commonly sold to unsuspecting consumers at a considerable profit, the absinthes crafted by Jade Liqueurs deliver historical accuracy and handcrafted authenticity down to unimaginably minute details. The absinthes recreated by Jade Liqueurs® were made possible only through the discovery and acquisition of immaculately preserved bottles of the most famous original absinthes of the 19th century. Armed with an education and experience in applied analytical sciences, Breaux has worked in conjunction with other accomplished scientific minds in perfecting the sophisticated techniques needed to unlock the many secrets of the original liquor. Some of this research has been published in peer reviewed scientific journals, and includes objectve insights into mysterious topics, such as the content of vintage absinthe and facts about thujone. Breaux’s research has been recognized in books, magazines, newspapers, television, and filmed documentaries, and his educated insight is frequently sought by writers, researchers, and historians. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Breaux has made significant content and editorial contributions to fine publications such as ”Absinthe, Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide” (Corvus Publishing - ISBN: 1933108215) and ”Absinthe, A Myth Always Green” (L’Esprit Frappeur - ISBN: 2844052002). Breaux’s reputation for uncovering the facts is surpassed only by his unceasing passion for recreating history through the fine art of absinthe crafting. Through these ongoing efforts, Jade Liqueurs® remains established as a marque of uncompromised artisanship and a cornerstone of authenticity and quality.

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