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Tigre Blanc Vodka 750ml
Sku: 1960980
Francois Belleville Henri Belleville… A Frenchman raised in the hills of Champagne, was inspired to create Tigre Blanc vodka by his dual passions for great wines and spirits and the ...more
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Product Information
Country: France
Type: Vodkas - Imported
Reg. $109.99
On Sale $95.39
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Wine Enthusiast 90 points - Made in the Cognac region of France and packaged in a particularly gaudy, gold tiger-striped bottle, this vodka has a bit of spicy tiger bite up front, mingling ginger and white pepper before fading into a mild, smooth finish. - K.N. (Jan 2015)

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Francois Belleville Henri Belleville… A Frenchman raised in the hills of Champagne, was inspired to create Tigre Blanc vodka by his dual passions for great wines and spirits and the ‘Art of Love’. He wrote: Tigre Blanc “There is a spirit... There is a spirit of love wonderful and perfect; it might have existed before Heaven and Earth. How powerful it is! How spiritual it is! All desire comes from it. It wraps everything in its love like a cloak. I do not know its name, and so I call it Tigre Blanc, and I rejoice in its power.” Tigre Blanc A student of history, Belleville knew that it was Eleanor of Aquitaine A student of history, Belleville knew that 17th century French Libertinism grew out of a long French tradition of courtly love. It was Eleanor of Aquitaine who first spread the ideals of courtly love from Aquitaine throughout Europe. Courtly love was expressed by troubadours in lyric poems that spoke of the physical beauty of their ladies and desires they aroused. Francois Belleville identified courtly love as the ‘pure love’, which binds together the hearts of two lovers with every feeling of delight. He knew the source of the French art of love sprang centuries before. In essence, courtly love was a harmony between erotic desire and spiritual fulfillment. According to Belleville, it is the true secret of the French art of love. A love that is dually illicit and morally elevating, passionate and disciplined, humiliating and exalting, human and transcendent. Tigre Blanc Belleville’s interest in ritualized love... Belleville’s interest in ritualized love was magnified when he traveled to East Asia and discovered Taoism and the Chinese art of love. The ancient Chinese considered love to be an art form and Taoists believe that erotic energy is used to improve health, harmonize relationships and increase spiritual realization. Belleville fell in love with the “White Tiger” Taoist symbol, which represents the feminine version of erotic and spiritual fulfillment. He wanted to craft a Spirit and design that would liberate erotic energy and inner freedom. He believed that this Taoist conception of love shared many links with the courtly love of medieval France. To Belleville, Tigre Blanc was an ode to the art of love across cultures. Tigre Blanc The Tigre Blanc recipe has been passed down... The Tigre Blanc recipe has been passed down through Belleville’s family for generations to the current Maitre Vigneron who lives and works in Champagne. Today we are proud to celebrate the heritage and inspiration of Tigre Blanc, an outstanding premium Vodka.
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