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Camus Cognac Pionneau 1969 375ml
Sku: 7447
In the 1970s Jacques Pionneau was fast approaching 80 years old, and despite remaining extremely alert was naturally beginning to feel a certain physical fatigue, not to mention a certain se ...more
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Country: France
Region: Cognac
Type: Cognacs
Reg. $11.99
Buy Camus Cognac Pionneau 1969
Color: amber robe. Nose: late summer aromas with very ripe fruit, preserved pear and prune notes. Smoky touches with a burnt edge, candied grape, orange peel, nutmeg. Palate: with its powerful and fresh flavours (linden tree, hawthorn), the 1969 boasts a rich complexity while remaining resolutely accessible.

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In the 1970s Jacques Pionneau was fast approaching 80 years old, and despite remaining extremely alert was naturally beginning to feel a certain physical fatigue, not to mention a certain sense of gloom as he watched the Cognac region’s emblematic eaux-de-vie become increasingly uniform in terms of quality. He began to wonder if he would still be able to find buyers for the singular, ‘exclusive’ Cognac which had made his name. In these uncertain times, Jacques turned to the only person he considered capable of perpetuating his singular, superior vision: Michel Camus, then head of Maison CAMUS, also specializing in the marketing of exclusive, elite Cognacs. It was naturally a wrench for Jacques Pionneau to transfer his business, but this was alleviated by the categorical promise obtained from his prestigious new partner that the Pionneau brand would only be used to market truly exceptional eaux-de-vie. The Pionneau name has therefore remained synonymous with unflinching excellence, where historical authenticity informs a constant quest for superior quality. This Petite Champagne 1969 comes from a family of notaries, established in Cognac for generations. This vintage Cognac formed part of the father’s inheritance, passed down to his wife and his son, also a notary. It is an extremely ’sentimental’ Cognac, duly registered and laid down to mature on 5th May 1970 in a cellar on the banks of the Charente, which has since become the Cognac Museum.
Deeply attached to their Cognac land, the five generations of CAMUS family have succeeded in faithfully preserving the brand’s original values. This process of handing down from father to son now ensures the continuity and development of a unique expertise, with the cornerstones remaining the soil, the vine and the grape. As well as a love and respect for the fruit of the land, the CAMUS culture is based on innovation and the quest for exceptional aromatic qualities – for above and beyond their role as businessmen the CAMUS’s see themselves as winegrowers, explorers and passionate lovers of taste. The fact that the CAMUS family home le Plessis lies at the heart of the highly sought-after Borderies cru is proof of this special attachment to the Cognac region. The CAMUS family is today the largest landowner in the Cognac Borderies appellation. This specific character is down to the vision of Jean-Paul CAMUS, who identified the taste potential of the region’s different terroirs at a very early stage. Guided more by his own intuition than by passing trends, he chose to develop the generally overlooked Cognac cru of Borderies and allow its flavors to shine across the world.

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