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Somrus The Original Indian Cream Liqueur 750ml  
Sku: 2411
At the very core of SomPriya’s ethos is the use of the finest ingredients representing the culture, scents, tastes and flavors of the Far East. An intricate blend of eastern spices, nu ...more
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Country: United States
Type: Creams
Classification: Gluten-Fre
Reg. $29.99
On Sale $27.99
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Nose Halo of distinctive cardamom waft blended with a teasing aroma of rose; this collective enchantment evaporates into an ocean of freshness which lines every fleck of the respiratory tract with its smooth and satisfying bouquet. Taste A symphony on the tongue from the get-go with a silky smooth texture and an ethereal body that jaunts playfully into the mouth; taste reveals a delicate treble of cardamom and rose followed by a bass of nutty almonds and pistachios; saffron adds a faint crescendo of cymbals to this ensemble. Finish A silky river of mythical SomruS flowing through the mouth with an elongated and delectably layered rainbow of fresh, eastern flavors striving for that perfect moment; subtly chased by a graceful rendition of molasses with hand crafted Caribbean rum, altogether fading into an instant of esculent Nirvana.

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At the very core of SomPriya’s ethos is the use of the finest ingredients representing the culture, scents, tastes and flavors of the Far East. An intricate blend of eastern spices, nuts, cream and of course ultra-premium Caribbean rum paired with pure dairy cream, combines to create the company’s authentic and liquescent taste of the Indian subcontinent.
Technical notes
Cardamom Native to India, Nepal and Bhutan, cardamom plants contain small seed-pods, with a thin, papery outer shell and small black seeds inside. It is the world’s third most expensive spice by weight, out-stripped in market value only by saffron and vanilla. A common ingredient in Indian cooking, cardamom, and its different forms, are incorporated into traditional Indian sweets and ”Masala Chai” (spiced tea). In the Middle East, green cardamom powder is used for sweet dishes as well and found in the traditional flavoring of tea. Saffron Within the Indian sub-continent, saffron is an indispensable ingredient used in several recipes for rice, sweets and ice creams. Derived from the Arab word ”Zafaran” (meaning yellow) with references made in classical writings and the bible, the use of saffron dates back more than 3,500 years spanning various cultures and continents. One of the first historic references to the use of saffron comes from Ancient Egypt where it was used by Cleopatra and other Pharaohs as an aromatic and seductive essence. Native to Asia Minor, it has been cultivated for thousands of years to be used in medicines, perfumes, dyes, and as a wonderful flavoring for various food and drink. During the Renaissance, saffron was worth its weight in gold in the markets of Venice and even today it is still the most expensive spice in the world. Pistachios Originally native to the Middle East, pistachios are one of the oldest flowering nut trees. Recent archeological evidence in Turkey suggests that humans were enjoying them as early as 7,000 B.C. Legend also has it that the Queen of Sheba decreed pistachios an exclusively royal food, going so far as to forbid commoners from growing the nut for personal use. In present day India, the pistachio is still heavily revered as Pistachio ice cream is one of the most common desserts and pistachio shavings are sprinkled on almost all other desserts. Almonds This heart healthy nut was mentioned in the Bible ten times and was described as ”among the best of fruits.” Spread by humans in ancient times along the shores of the Mediterranean into northern Africa and southern Europe and then transported to other parts of the world like the U.S, the almond is often eaten on its own, raw or toasted. In India, almond is the base ingredient of Pasanda-style curries and other popular desserts like Badam Halva. Rose Although best known as ornate plants grown for their flowers used as a sign of love and romance, the rose has many other uses. Over the years, rose water has increasingly been used in Indian desserts adding an extra flavor and scent. And as with most items in Indian culture, they too have a long history associated with the Gods. According to an early Indian legend, dating to a time when the Gods lived on earth, Lord Brahma, the God of Creation, and Lord Vishnu, the God of Protection had a fierce argument about which flower was the most beautiful. Brahma favored the lotus while Vishnu adored rose. Upon seeingthe lovely, fragrant roses in Vishnu’s celestial garden, Brahma conceded the argument and too favored the rose. Later, when Alexander the Great invaded India in 327 B.C., it is said that he was amazed at the wealth of these plants and sent roses back to delight his mentor Aristotle.

SomPriya is an original, premium spirits company bringing age-old, traditional and delectable flavors from the Indian sub-continent to cups of libations across the globe. SomPriya’s heavenly connotation derives from the name’s origin - ”Som” meaning ”God” in Indian languages and ”Priya” meaning ”Dear to” thus the belief and motto of being ”Dear to Gods.” Our humble goal is to create products worthy of gods; something transcendent and celestial! Mission It is our goal to share the plethora of rich flavors from the Indian subcontinent with the rest of the world in the form of splendid aperitifs, cocktails and after-dinner liqueurs, which will fully complement the array of tantalizing tastes that define the glorious history of Indian cuisine. SomPriya’s products consist of only the finest, purest and most robust natural ingredients with centuries old connections to Indian culture, heritage and food. Through tried and true techniques, they are then combined with premium spirits and in some cases, pure dairy cream to create mouthwatering and authentic representations of an entire continent.

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